Steps to Quickly Make Your Request

  1. 1


    • Complete traveler information.
    • Enter flight itinerary
    • Enter customs information
    • Checkout
    • Receive E-Ticket
  2. 2

    Complete the form

    • Fill in the required data accurately.
    • The Unique Customs Declaration is only needed for adults (18+).
  3. 3

    Get your E-ticket

    • A ticket will be generated with a QR code.
    • We will send the QR code by email.
    • Click the "Generate PDF" button if you want to save it to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the QR code for at the end of the form?

Is it important to save the QR code?

How do I access this form?

When will it be available?

Who needs to fill out this form?

Why is the form so long?

How many days in advance should I fill out the form?

If I travel with my family, do I need to fill out a form for each member? What about children?